Botaanika osakonnas kaitstud doktoritööd (alates aastast 1992)


Saleh Rahimlouye Barabi - Investigation of diazotrophic bacteria association with plants. Juhendajad professor Leho Tedersoo, professor Mohammad Bahram.

Meeli Alber - Impact of elevated atmospheric humidity on the structure of the water transport pathway in deciduous trees. Juhendaja professor Arne Sellin.

Elise Joonas - Evaluation of metal contaminant hazard on microalgae with environmentally relevant testing strategies. Juhendajad professor Kalle Olli (EMÜ / TÜ), Dr Villem Aruoja (KBFI), Dr Anne Kahru (KBFI).

Annika Joy Meitern - Impact of potassium ion content of xylem sap and of light conditions on the hydraulic properties of trees. Juhendaja professor Arne Sellin.


Jhonny Capichoni Massante - Phylogenetic structure of plant communities along environmental gradients: a macroecological and evolutionary approach. Juhendaja professor Pille Gerhold.

Tanel Vahter - Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal biodiversity for sustainable agroecosystems. Juhendaja professor Maarja Öpik.


Mari Pent - Bacterial communities associated with fungal fruitbodies. Juhendajad vanemteadur Kadri Põldmaa, vanemteadur Mohammad Bahram (TÜ / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

Siim-Kaarel Sepp - Soil eukaryotic community responses to land use and host identity. Juhendajad juhtivteadur Maarja Öpik, professor Martin Zobel.

Eveli Otsing - Tree species effects on fungal richness and community structure. Juhendaja juhtivteadur Leho Tedersoo.

Martti Vasar - Developing a bioinformatics pipeline gDAT to analyse arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities using sequence data from different marker regions. Juhendajad vanemteadur Maarja Öpik, Prof. J. Peter W. Young (University of York, UK).

Ott Kangur - Nocturnal water relations and predawn water potential disequilibrium in temperate deciduous tree species. Juhendaja professor Arne Sellin.

Kaarin Parts - The impact of climate change on fine roots and root-associated microbial communities in birch and spruce forests. Juhendajad vanemteadur Ivika Ostonen, emeriitprofessor Krista Lõhmus.


Anu Lepik - Plant competitive behaviour: relationships with functional traits and soil processes. Juhendajad Dr Marina Semchenko (Manchesteri Ülikool, Suurbritannia), professor Kristjan Zobel.


Lisanna Scmidt - Phenotypic and genetic differentiation in the hybridizing species pair Carex flava and C. viridula in geographically different regions. Juhendaja vanemteadur Tatjana Oja.

Petr Kohout - Ecology of ericoid mycorrhizal fungi. Juhendajad juhtivteadur Leho Tedersoo, professor Urmas Kõljalg.

Gristin Rohula-Okunev - Effects of endogenous and environmental factors on night-time water flux in deciduous woody tree species. Juhendaja vanemteadr Priit Kupper.

Jane Oja - Temporal and spatial patterns of orchid mycorrhizal fungi in forest and grassland ecosystems. Juhendajad professor Urmas Kõljalg, professor Tiina Kull (EMÜ).

Maria Abakumova - The relationship between competitive behaviour and the frequency and identity of neighbours in temperate grassland plants. Juhendajad professor Kristjan Zobel, Dr Marina Semchenko (Manchesteri Ülikool, Suurbritannia).

Kersti Riibak - Importance of dispersal limitation in determining dark diversity of plants across spatial scales. Juhendaja professor Meelis Pärtel.

Lena Neuenkamp - The dynamics of plant and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in grasslands under changing land use. Juhendaja professor Martin Zobel.

Liina Saar - Dynamics of grassland plant diversity in changing landscapes. Juhendajad professor Meelis Pärtel, vanemteadur Aveliina Helm.


Taavi Paal - Immigration limitation of forest plants into wooded landscape corridors. Juhendaja vanemteadur Jaan Liira.

Liis Kasari - Plant diversity of semi-natural grasslands: drivers, current status and conservation. Juhendaja vanemteadur Aveliina Helm.

Sirgi Saar - Belowground interactions: the roles of plant genetic relatedness, root exudation and soil legacies. Juhendajad teadur Marina Semtšenko ja professor Kristjan Zobel.

Sten Anslan - Molecular indetification of Collembola and their fungal associates. Juhendaja vanemteadur Leho Tedersoo.


Kadri Runnel - Fungal targets and tools for forest conservation. Juhendajad juhtivteadur Asko Lõhmus ja teadur Kadri Põldmaa

Ene Kook - Genetic diversity and evolution of Pulmonaria angustifolia L. and Myosotis laxa sensu lato (Boraginaceae). Juhendajad teadur Silvia Pihu ja teadur Ülle Reier

Argo Ronk - Plant diversity patterns across Europe: observed and dark diversity. Juhendaja professor Meelis Pärtel

Jaak-Albert Metsoja - Vegetation dynamics in floodplain meadows: influence of mowing and sediment application. Juhendajad professor Martin Zobel ja vanemteadur Kai Vellak

Kristiina Mark - Diversification and species delimitation of lichenized fungi in selected groups of the family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota). Juhendajad dotsent Tiina Randlane ja vanemteadur Lauri Saag (Eesti Biokeskus)


Aigar Niglas - Effects of environmental factors on gas exchange in deciduous trees: focus on photosynthetic water-use efficiency. Juhendaja dotsent Arne Sellin

Helen Karu - Development of ecosystems under human activity in the North-East Estonian industrial region: forests on post-mining sites and bogs. Juhendajad dotsent Arne Sellin ja vanemteadur Margus Pensa

Mai Kukumägi - Factors affecting soil respiration and its components in silver birch and Norway spruce stands. Juhendajad professor Krista Lõhmus ja vanemteadur Ivika Ostonen-Märtin

Tiina Talve - Genetic diversity and taxonomy within the genus Rhinanthus. Juhendaja vanemteadur Tatjana Oja

Riin Tamme - The relationship between small-scale environmental heterogeneity and plant species diversity. Juhendaja professor Meelis Pärtel


Krista Takkis - Changes in plant species richness and population performance in response to habitat loss and fragmentation. Juhendajad prof. Meelis Pärtel ja vanemteadur Aveliina Helm

Triin Triisberg - Factors influencing the revegetation of abandoned extracted peatlands in Estonia. Juhendajad vanemteadur Edgar Karofeld ja prof. Jaanus Paal

Katre Kets - Effects of elevated concentrations of CO2 and O3 on leaf photosynthetic parameters in Populus tremuloides: diurnal, seasonal and interannual patterns. Juhndaja vanemteadur Anu Sõber

Kertu Lõhmus - Colonisation ecology of forest-dwelling vascular plants and the conservation value of rural manor parks. Juhendaja vanemteadur Jaan Liira

Eele Õunapuu-Pikas - Spatio-temporal variability of leaf hydraulic conductance in woody plants: ecophysiological consequences. Juhendaja dotsent Arne Sellin


Sergei Põlme - Biogeography and ecology of Alnus-associated ectomycorrhizal fungi – from regional to global scale. Juhendajad teadur Leho Tedersoo, prof. Urmas Kõljalg

Anne Aan - Light- and nitrogen-use and biomass allocation along productivity gradients in multilayer plant communities. Juhendajad prof. Olevi Kull (1955-2007) ja dotsent Arne Sellin

Heidi Tamm - Comprehending phylogenetic diversity – case studies in three groups of ascomycetes. Juhendaja teadur Kadri Põldmaa

Pille Mänd  - Light use capacity and carbon and nitrogen budget of plants: remote assessment and physiological determinants. Juhendajad prof. Olevi Kull (1955-2007) ja prof. Josep Peῆuelas (CSIC, Global Ecology Unit CREAF-CEAB-CSI-UAB, Catalonia, Spain) ja vanemteadur Anu Sõber

Mari Lepik  - Morphological plasticity of plants: adaptation to performance in varying environmental conditions. Juhendaja prof. Kristjan Zobel

Ülle Saks - Molecular and functional diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in pristine and seminatural habitats. Juhendajad vanemteadur Maarja Öpik ja prof. Martin Zobel

Annika Uibopuu  - Communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in spruce forest ecosystem and their effect on performance of forest understorey plant species. Juhendajad vanemteadur Maarja Öpik ja prof. Martin Zobel

Ede Leppik  - Diversity of lichens in semi-natural habitats of Estonia. Juhendaja dotsent Tiina Randlane


Irja Saar - The taxonomy and phylogeny of the genera Cystoderma and Cystodermella (Agaricales, Fungi). Juhendaja prof. U. Kõljalg

Mohammad Bahram - Biogeography of ectomycorrizal fungi across different spatial scals. Juhendajad prof. U. Kõljalg (TÜ ÖMI), teadur L. Tedersoo (TÜ Loodusmuuseum) ja dr. S. Zarre (Teherani Ülikool, Iraan)

Inga Hiiesalu - Belowground plant diversity and coexistence patterns in grassland ecosystems.  Juhendajad prof. M. Pärtel (TÜ) ja prof. S.D. Wilson (Regina Ülikool, Kanada)

Kadri Koorem - The influence of abiotic and biotic factors on small-scale plant community patterns and regeneration in boreonemoral forest.  Juhendaja vanemteadur M. Moora

Kaupo Kohv - Direct and indirect management effects on boreal forest structure and field layer vegetation. Juhendaja vanemteadur J. Liira

Riina Klais - Phytoplankton trends in the Baltic Sea. Juhendaja vanemteadur K. Olli


Helen Tammert - Ecological role of physiological and phylogenetic diversity in aquatic bacterial communities. Juhendaja vanemteadur K. Olli, vanemteadur V. Kisand

Elle Rajandu - Factors determining plant and lichen species diversity and composition in Estonian Calamagrostis and Hepatica site type forests. Juhendaja prof. J. Paal

Andres Jaanus - Phytoplankton in Estonian coastal waters – variability, trends and response to environmental pressures. Juhendaja vanemteadur K. Olli

Liis Marmor - Ecology and bioindicative value of epiphytic lichens in relation to air pollution and forest continuity. Juhendaja dots. T. Randlane

Teele Jairus - Species composition and host preference among ectomycorrhizal fungi in Australian and African ecosystems. Juhendaja teadur L. Tedersoo

Kessy Abarenkov - PlutoF – cloud database and computing services supporting biological research. Juhendaja prof. U. Kõljalg


Triin Suvi - Mycorrhizal fungi of native and introduced trees in the Seychelles Islands. Juhendajad prof. Urmas Kõljalg ja teadur Leho Tedersoo

Egle Köster - Morphological and genetical variation within species complexes: Anthyllis vulneraria s. l. and Alchemilla vulgaris (coll.).  Juhendajad teadur S. Pihu ja prof. M.Pärtel.

Triin  Vahisalu -

Virve Sõber - The role of biotic interactions in plant reproductive performance. Juhendajad vanemteadur M. Moora ja vanemteadur T.Teder

Kersti Kangro - The response of phytoplankton community to the changes in nutrient loading. Juhendaja vanemteadur K. Olli


Tsipe Aavik - Plant species richness, composition and functional trait pattern in agricultural landscapes – the role of land use intensity and landscape structure. Juhendaja vanemteadur J. Liira

Lea Hallik - Generality and specificity in light harvesting, carbon gain capacity and shade tolerance among plant functional groups. Juhendajad prof. O. Kull (TÜ), dots. A. Sellin (TÜ) ja  prof. Ü. Niinemets (EMÜ)

Ain Vellak - Spatial and temporal aspects of plant species conservation. Juhendaja prof. M. Pärtel


Eve Eensalu - Acclimation of stomatal structure and function in tree canopy: effect of light and CO2 concentration . Juhendaja vanemteadur A. Sõber

Ülle Jõgar - Conservation and Restoration of Semi-natural Floodplaine Meadows and their Rare Plant Species. Juhendaja vanemteadur M. Moora

Lauri Laanisto - Macroecological approach in vegetation science: generality of ecological relationships at the global scale. Juhendaja prof. M. Pärtel

Lauri  Saag - Taxonomic and ecologic problems in the genus Lepraria (Stereocaulaceae, lichenised Ascomycota). Juhendaja vanemteadur A. Saag

Marina Semtšenko - Plant root behaviour: responses to neighbours and physical obstructions. Juhendajad prof. K. Zobel (TÜ) ja prof M.J. Hutchings (Sussexi Ülikool, Suurbritannia)

Marge Starast - Influence of cultivation techniques on productivity and fruit quality of some Vaccinium and Rubus taxa. Juhendajad prof. U. Kõljalg (TÜ) ja prof. K. Karp (EMÜ)

Kaire Torn - Distribution and ecology of charophytes in the Baltic Sea. Juhendaja vanemteadur G. Martin (TÜ Eesti Mereinstituut) ja vanemteadur K. Olli (TÜ Ökoloogia ja Maateaduste Instituut)


Kai Rünk - Comparative ecology of three fern species: Dryopteris carthusiana (Vill.) H.P. Fuchs, D. expansa (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenkins & Jermy and D. dilatata (Hoffm.) A. Gray (Dryopteridaceae). Juhendajad prof. M. Zobel ja dots. K. Zobel

Aveliina Helm - Formation and persistence of dry grassland diversity: role of human history and landscape structure. Juhendaja prof. M. Pärtel

Leho Tedersoo - Ectomycorrhizal fungi: diversity and community structure in Estonia, Seychelles and Australia. Juhendaja prof. U. Kõljalg

Ülle Reier - Threatened vascular plant species in Estonia: causes of rarity and conservation. Juhendaja prof. M. Pärtel

Inga Jüriado - Diversity of Lichen species in Estonia: influence of regional and local factors. Juhendajad dots. T. Randlane ja prof. J. Paal


Priit Kupper - Hydraulic and environmental limitations to leaf water relations in trees with respect to canopy position. Juhendaja dots. A. Sellin

Kersti Püssa - Forest edges on medium resolution Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite images. Juhendajad vanemteadur J. Liira ja teadur U. Peterson (Tartu Observatoorium)


Ave Suija - Lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Estonia: diversity, distribution patterns and taxonomy. Juhendaja dots. T. Randlane

Piret Lõhmus - Forest lichens and their substrata in Estonia. Juhendajad dots. Tiina Randlane ja erakorraline prof. J. Paal

Ruth Aguraiuja - Hawaiian endemic fern lineage Diellia (Asplemiaceae): distribution, population structure and ecology. Juhendaja prof. M. Zobel


Merit Otsus - Plant community regeneration and species diversity in dry calcareous grasslands. Juhendaja prof. M. Zobel

Kadri Tali - Species structure of Neotinea ustulata. Juhendajad prof. O. Kull, T. Kull (ZBI osakonnajuhataja) ja K. Kull (ZBI vanemteadur)

Maarja Öpik - Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the roots of perennial plants and their effect on plant performance. Juhendajad prof. M. Zobel ja vanemteadur M. Moora


Ivika Ostonen - Fine root structure, dynamics and proportion in net primary production of Norway spruce forest ecosystem in relation to site conditions.   Juhendajad K. Lõhmus ja O. Kull.

Margus Pensa - Variation in needle retention of Scots pine in relation to leaf morphology, nitrogen conservation and tree age. Juhendaja A. Sellin.

Marek Sammul - Competition and coexistence of clonal plants in relation to productivity. Juhendaja K. Kull.


Krõõt Aasamaa - Shoot hydraulic conductance and stomatal conductance of six temperate deciduous tree species. Juhendaja A. Sõber.

Liina Eek-Piirsoo - The effect of fertilization, mowing and additional illumination on the structure of a species-rich grassland community. Juhendaja K. Zobel.

Nele Ingerpuu - Bryophyte Diversity and Vascular Plants. Juhendaja M.Pärtel.


Jaan Liira - On the determinants of structure and diversity in herbaceous plant communities. Juhendaja K. Zobel. 92 lk.

Georg Martin - Phytobenthic communities of the Gulf of Riga and the inner Sea of the West-Estonian archipelago. 102 lk. Juhendaja E. Kukk.

Silvia Sepp - Morphological and genetical variation of Alchemilla L. in Estonia. Juhendaja J. Paal. 124 lk.

Kai Vellak - Influence of different factors on the diversity of the bryophyte vegetation in forest and wooded meadow communities. 122 lk. Juhendaja J. Paal.


Juan Jose Cantero - Plant community diversity and habitat relationships in central Argentina grasslands. 161 lk. Juhendaja M. Zobel.

Katrin Heinsoo - Stomatal antechamber and cuticular conductance of Picea abies (L.) Karst. 133 lk. Juhendajad A. Koppel ja K. Kull.

Rein Kalamees - Seed bank, seed rain and community regeneration in Estonian calcareous grasslands. 107 lk. Juhendaja M. Zobel.

Ebe Sild - Impact of increasing concentrations of O3 and CO2 on wheat, clover and pasture. 123 lk. Juhendaja A. Koppel.


Mari Moora - The influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis on the competition and coexistence of calcareous grassland plant species. 78 lk. Juhendaja M. Zobel.

Tatjana Oja - Isoenzyme diversity and phylogenetic affinities among the Eurasian annual Bromus (Bromus L., Poaceae). 92 lk. Juhendaja V. Jaaska.

Kadri Põldmaa - Studies in the systematics of hypomyces and allied genera (Hyopcreales, Ascomycota). 178 lk.

Andres Saag - Evolutionary relationships in some cetrarioid genera (lichenized Ascomycota). 196 lk. Juhendaja T. Randlane.


Kalle Olli - Evolutionary life-strategies of autotrophic planktonic micro-organisms in the Baltic Sea. 180 lk. Juhendaja E. Kukk.

Tiiu Kull - Population dynamics in Cypripedium calceolus L. 124 lk. Juhendaja J. Paal.

Malle Leht - The genus Potentilla L. in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: distribution, morphology and taxonomy. 186 lk. Juhendaja J. Paal.

Meelis Pärtel - Species diversity and community dynamics in calcareous grassland communities in Western Estonia. 124 lk. Juhendaja M. Zobel.


Urmas Kõljalg - Tomentella (Basidiomycota) and related genera in Temperate Eurasia. Juhendajad E. Parmasto ja T. Niemelä.

Ülo Niinemets - Importance of structural features of leaves and canopy in determining species shade-tolerance in temperate deciduous woody taxa. 150 lk. Juhendaja O. Kull.


Arne Sellin - Variation in hydraulic architecture of Picea abies (L.) Karst. trees grown under different environmental conditions. 119 lk. Juhendaja T. Frey.


Jaak Palumets - Analysis of phytomass partitioning in Norway spruce. 47 lk. Juhendaja T. Frey.


Kristjan Zobel - Air pollution indicator value of epiphytic macrolichens in the boreal mountainous forests of Khamar-Daban (Eastern Siberia). 131 lk. Juhendajad H. Trass ja T. Möls.


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