Department of Botany - University of Tartu

Our department studies ecology and systematics of plants at several organisational levels – from photosynthetic apparatus to global vegetation patterns. Molecular methods have found their way into all branches of biology. Our department attempts to be at the cutting edge – utilisation of novel molecular techniques has become the rule rather than exception. At the same time, we have not forgotten classical botany and ecology – we still respect our plants and fungi and teach our students to be able to identify them from sight.

About the Department
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Recipients of University of Tartu honorary decorations announced
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For the first time, the University of Tartu has reached a position among the top 250. 
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From 7 October, the University of Tartu invites all employees, students, alumni and their families as well everyone else to orienteering in the city of Tartu.
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All university members are invited to nominate candidates who would deserve to be awarded the university's honorary decoration for their outstanding achievements.