Seminar: Tiit Teder

Recycling opportunistic data for meta-analytic insights in evolutionary ecology

Theoretical advances in many fields of biology tend to rely on studies performed on a few model organisms, such as Drosophila fruit flies, which are highly suited for experimental research in laboratory conditions but are ecologically rather exceptional. This situation starkly contrasts with applied ecology, where similar types of ecological data have accumulated for hundreds of species. In this talk, I will show you that such data provide a valuable basis for advancing evolutionary ecology, giving particular reference to sexual dimorphism and its implications in insects.

Carlos Pérez Carmona

ERC project will integrate above- and below-ground plant traits for improved ecological forecasting

Seminar: Velle Toll

Seminar: Velle Toll

Seminar: Vladimir Mikryukov

Seminar: Vladimir Mikryukov | The long barcode adventure