Research at the Department of Botany

Research in the Department of Botany concerns the biodiversity of plants, algae and fungi, and their functioning throughout the molecular, individual, community, ecosystem and global scale. The department conducts both theoretical and applied research, the latter focusing largely on the protection of natural habitats and on the optimal management of communities and populations.

Workgroups in the Department of Botany are divided among the following four Chairs:


Chair of Botany

Chair of Plant Ecology

Chair of Mycology

Chair of Ecophysiology

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Doctoral defence: Marili Sell “The impact of environmental change on ecophysiology of hemiboreal tree species - acclimation mechanisms in belowground”

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Conference “Natural scientists on sustainable development: what colour is the future?”


Seminar: Kuno Kasak

Seminar: Kuno Kasak | Mining carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using wetland ecosystems