Laelatu Biology Station of the University of Tartu

The University of Tartu’s Laelatu Biology Station in Läänemaa was opened on October 23, 2015.

The protected wooded meadow represents a unique historical landscape in the Baltic Sea region for its extraordinary biodiversity – plant surveys and experiments have been conducted here for over 50 years.  This modern research facility offers new opportunities to study this rare community, by being affiliated with an international network of research stations, and by fostering the development of important applied research.

The Laelatu Biology Station belongs to a network of research stations - the Estonian Environmental Observatory within the framework of the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap. The Laelatu Biology Station is also part of the Puhtu-Laelatu research complex, which is being developed by the University of Tartu and the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

The new research station replaces the station that burnt down in 2007. In the interim years, only fieldwork was done at Laelatu.

The use of the Laelatu Biology Station is foremost for employees of the University of Tartu’s Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, who can use its facilities free of charge. Although we give priority to the teaching obligations of our institute, our entire university family and researchers from other universities are welcome to use the facilities at Laelatu.

Laelatu Biology Station can host smaller meetings, workshops etc. The station sleeps 28 together with a seminar room with presentation equipment and a fully-equipped kitchen. Bed linen is available, but we ask guests to supply their own towels. A wood-fired sauna is available (water must be fetched from the well).

Event organizers (fieldwork instructors, supervisors or graduate students) assume responsibility for following the house rules.

To book the facilities including accommodation, contact Kersti Püssa ( In case of students' fieldwork, the supervisor should initiate the contact.

No VAT will be added to the prices


  University of Tartu members    Other persons  
  € / h € / day € / h € / day
Use of the facilities including overnight stay - 30 € / person - 42 € / person
Use of the facilities  36 150 60 300



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