Seminar: Raul Eamets

Prof. Raul Eamets (Tartu Ülikool / University of Tartu) 

"How easy is to predict the future and what kind of skills are needed in future labour markets"

Presentation gives an overview about future prognoses, made 15 years ago about Estonian economy. Also we discuss  global trends  affecting economy in predictable future; what changes we will see in economy, in work patterns and what skills are needed in future we know, and finally what kind of  jobs robots will take over.

Carlos Pérez Carmona

ERC project will integrate above- and below-ground plant traits for improved ecological forecasting

Seminar: Velle Toll

Seminar: Velle Toll

Seminar: Vladimir Mikryukov

Seminar: Vladimir Mikryukov | The long barcode adventure