Seminar: Daniela de Leon

Distribution patterns of plant mycorrhizal traits along the Andean Paramo

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The Andean paramo is a high mountain neotropical ecosystem poorly studied, with a high level of endemism surrounded by one of the most biodiverse biomes on earth. We lack basic functional information about this ecosystem, such as the prevalence of mycorrhizal symbiosis in the system. The influence of this symbiosis depends on the mycorrhizal type and the status of the plant species, and the distribution of these traits. In this work, we tested the current distribution hypotheses of plant mycorrhizal traits, applied them to the Andean paramo and identified their main climatic and edaphic drivers. I will present how the current knowledge does fit Andean paramo´s mycorrhizal traits distribution and reveals divergences regarding their drivers with previous local and global studies.

Carlos Pérez Carmona

ERC project will integrate above- and below-ground plant traits for improved ecological forecasting

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