Teaching and studies at the University of Tartu in autumn 2021

In order to keep the working and learning environment as normal as possible in the new academic year, the general rule of conduct applies that staff and students who work and study in the university buildings have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or wear masks.

  • We open the new academic year on 30 August at 10:00 in front of the main building of the university. Following the government’s orders, we verify the infection safety of participants.
  • The new academic year starts with face-to-face studies and we will do everything we can to continue with face-to-face learning. We recommend holding lectures with one hundred or more participants online, if possible, and organising studies in small groups, if it is reasonable and if safe distancing cannot be ensured in the lecture hall. The teaching staff do not have the obligation to offer hybrid learning options.
  • In order to protect health and maintain face-to-face learning, we set the target that 90% of all university members are vaccinated by the end of October. By the beginning of September, 90% of the UT employees had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Currently, there is no information about students but we have asked for anonymised data from the Health Insurance Fund. 
  • Access to studies is guaranteed to everyone but students must wear a mask during studies in the university buildings. 
  • Vaccination guarantees participation in face-to-face classes. This means that in case of close contact with a coronavirus carrier, vaccinated students without symptoms of the viral disease do not have to isolate and miss studies. The university does not have to ensure online learning opportunities to unvaccinated students who are absent from classes due to illness or safe-isolation rules.
  • We continue to take all measures to prevent the spread of the virus: teaching and studies are organised in well ventilated rooms or rooms are regularly ventilated; safe distancing is ensured and the 50% room capacity limit is observed in case of larger groups; hands and surfaces are sanitised.
  • Both unvaccinated and vaccinated staff and students must stay home if they have symptoms of the viral disease.
  • The university’s museums and sports clubs, cafeterias operating in study buildings and continuing education courses and events held in study buildings must comply with the restrictions imposed by the order of the Government of Estonia. Persons pursuing degree studies as continuing education learners must also be prepared to prove their infection safety.